Power of the Dog

POWER OF THE DOG. Saturday morning in Baltimore. We went on our usual morning walk to beautiful Union Square Park. Mirabelle and her sister Phoebe love the walk and it is usually pretty peaceful. This morning there was quite an altercation going on between a couple…with many loud F**K’s. Not the usual peaceful day an…d we tried to ignore it as we drew closer. Well all I can say….power of the dog. The young Lady spotted the girls and all the noise stopped and was replaced as she approached us…ARE THOSE YOUR BABIES in the same register as the other words. As she approached as usual Mirabelle went over to say hi as she is known to do by her fans. The lady goes on to say how beautiful they are and relates the sad story of her losing her dog last year and how much she is missed. It is always amazing to me how that simple act of seeing a dog in a park can have the power to diffuse a situation. She went back to her bench and the rest of our walk was quiet and peaceful. All I can say is POWER TO THE DOG


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