Park adventures continue

Well we made it back a few more times to the great Locust Point Dog Park and things went much better.  Third times a charm. Mirabelle got to  meet some long lost cousins and ventured farther from the safetly of her bench. So all and all it was a great adventure making new friends and getting out into the pretty Baltimore weather. Also things are moving along for the Mirabelle wholesale line. We sent out 32 promotional packets around the US from the west to the east coast and now waiting to hear back. Hopefully this will be our biggest adventure so far.


2 Responses to “Park adventures continue”

  1. Karen McNamara Says:

    Hi, Mirabelle and Phoebe.

    It was so fun meeting you at Union Square. Mirabelle, I am sorry I drooled so much on you. I think I have a little crush!


    • hey thanks so much for checking out our blog. We are so glad we met Apollo. He is such a great guy and what is a little drool between friends. We will keep an eye open for you at the park.


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