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Power of the Dog

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POWER OF THE DOG. Saturday morning in Baltimore. We went on our usual morning walk to beautiful Union Square Park. Mirabelle and her sister Phoebe love the walk and it is usually pretty peaceful. This morning there was quite an altercation going on between a couple…with many loud F**K’s. Not the usual peaceful day an…d we tried to ignore it as we drew closer. Well all I can say….power of the dog. The young Lady spotted the girls and all the noise stopped and was replaced as she approached us…ARE THOSE YOUR BABIES in the same register as the other words. As she approached as usual Mirabelle went over to say hi as she is known to do by her fans. The lady goes on to say how beautiful they are and relates the sad story of her losing her dog last year and how much she is missed. It is always amazing to me how that simple act of seeing a dog in a park can have the power to diffuse a situation. She went back to her bench and the rest of our walk was quiet and peaceful. All I can say is POWER TO THE DOG


Mirabelle loves her neighbors

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We just wanted to tell you about some wonderful people in Mirabelle’s neighborhood. This great couple, Emily and Dave foster dogs to help rehabilitate them and also find homes for them. They also do a lot of great work with two pet organizations. One is called Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in DC and Baltimore Barcs Animal Rescue. Two great organizations trying to help find homes for animals not as lucky as our Miss Mirabelle.  I know they are in need of a lot of help at both places so if you can check out their websites and help out in anyway that you can or even consider fostering a dog in your home wouldn’t then the world be even a better place. Lucky Dog animal rescue      Barcs animal rescue

Park adventures continue

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Well we made it back a few more times to the great Locust Point Dog Park and things went much better.  Third times a charm. Mirabelle got to  meet some long lost cousins and ventured farther from the safetly of her bench. So all and all it was a great adventure making new friends and getting out into the pretty Baltimore weather. Also things are moving along for the Mirabelle wholesale line. We sent out 32 promotional packets around the US from the west to the east coast and now waiting to hear back. Hopefully this will be our biggest adventure so far.

folly in the park

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Hey Mirabelle had her first venture to a dog park in Baltimore. It is a really beautiful dog park called Locust Point. Well it did not go as expected. lol. Mirabelle’s sister Pheobe had a grand time but miss. Mirabelle did not want to venture and play too far from me.  We met a lot of great people and other dogs and I am hoping with time Mirabelle will get the hang of our new place. There are always transitions to make in a new place. If you are in the area check it out and maybe you will run into mirabelle playing.locust point dog park

mirabelle in baltimore

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hey everyone. Sorry about the delay in new postings. Mirabelle and I have been really busy. We just relocated to Baltimore or as the natives say “bal’mer”. We have been getting settled in and unpacking boxes. Boy does that girl have lots of toys. There have been a lot of new adjustments after the quiet of Rehoboth Beach but we live in a great part of the city called UNION SQUARE that has a beautiful victorian park for us to take walks in. Over the weeks we will be updating everyone and letting them know about our new journey in this strange land. Mirabelle has a lot to see and experience and might just put the B back in Believe! for Baltimore

xo Mirabelle and Michael