The Start

This blog will hopefully spread the word about something dear and near to my heart. My dog Mirabelle. I am going to post something I just wrote for my online store about Mirabelle coming into my life. I guess it is a good place to start. ” never had an idea when that small five pound bundle of fur came into my life she would help direct my future path. Mirabelle was a Christmas gift from my business partner Tom. I remember the call. He knew I wanted a third dog and found her looking in the Washington Post online ads. He called and said ” Are you sure you want to do this?” From that point on there was no turning back. Having the luck to own a business where I could bring my dog with me everyday and her being a new puppy it was the perfect blend. One day I had to come up with an ad for a local publication and Mirabelle came into sights. I sat her in a gallery chair and snapped away. She thought she was being punished and after about 50 shots her ears stood up again and I got what I needed. Little did I know the reaction we would receive to that one small dog. People started stopping in and asking about her. I recognized the power of those five pounds. As a child my favorite book was One Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith and my favorite part was the twilight barking. Pongo and Misses would gather at the edge of town and talk to the other dogs across England trying to find the missing pups. That point more than anything in the book ignited my young imagination and now my old imagination. What lives do our pets lead separate from us? I would watch Mirabelle do something as simple as chase a leaf in happiness and I would wonder what she saw through her eyes that brought such delight. Being an artist that loves collage and having a somewhat willing subject I started to explore that idea. Tom and I have both always felt the importance of animals in our lives and how they enrich us. So as Mirabelle’s fan base grew and my ideas grew she went on to become the face of our gallery and embody the delight and joy we tried to express through Detail Gallery. Mirabelle became to me a symbol about believing in yourself. This one small dog seemed to have the power to capture the hearts of a lot of strangers who grew over time to be regular customers and some true friends. It is not easy trying to do something new and different and not everyone gets why I spend so much time and energy doing what I do. But I have grown to believe in the power of doing what you love and the path that can take you on. I am excited about the journey we are taking. So I ask…What does your dog do when you are away? Mine goes on adventures.


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