Mirabelle checks out her own book series.

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Mirabelle checks out her own book series.

Mirabelle is thrilled to be checking out her new book series. checking for spelling mistakes and getting it all ready for her big book release in September.

Mirabelle makes a splash at the National Stationery show

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Who knew it took so much hard work and support to make a dream come true. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you guys our journey to the National Stationery show in NYC to launch our Mirabelle card line last week. It has been a long journey to make my dream of people embracing Miss Mirabelle as a symbol of believing in yourself and following your dreams and desires…..the talk shows always say if you do what you love than the rest will follow. Well this has been almost 5 years now of trying out that theory. Thank you for all the support we have had from a lot of amazing people I have never actually met but believe too that one small dog can make a difference in the world.

this is our first day of setting up our booth on a budget..this is the day before the show started. I will be telling you more about all the other great people we met and some amazing other artists working on making their dreams come true. From the Doctor who now believes in bunnies and doing something she loves to the really great guy from LV who makes tattoo’s an art form. stayed tuned for more

Mirabelle loves the Circus

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Ah the smell of grease paint and saw dust. Who doesn’t love peanuts in the shell and cotton candy stuck to your shoe. Well Miss Mirabelle sure does and as always in pursuit of her adventurous life she decided to run away and join the circus. I can hear the music now…I am sure she will be back home soon

Mirabelle loves Home Anthology

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Mirabelle loves her new dining room chairs. In pursuit of finding great things in our new hometown of Baltimore we came across HOME ANTHOLOGY. It is an amazing store that specializes in Deco, Vintage, Mid-Century Modern and Retro furniture and home accessories. They were as nice as could be. We found 6 Paul McCobb dining room chairs at an amazing price and not only that, one of the owners helped us figure out how to pack them all in our Mirabelle sized car. So if you are looking for a place with great pieces at affordable prices you should check them out. HOME Anthology

Miss Mirabelle loves Fluid Movement!

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Hey Miss Mirabelle in her quest to learn about her city headed out to see Fluid Movement. They are an amazing group that does Water Ballet in Baltimore. They are not your grandma’s water ballet..they do it all with a bit of a twisted twist. It was so much fun it made even being a wet dog fun. water ballet

Jason and the aquanauts...a must see

Mirabelle loves the Charm City Roller Girls

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We are so excited. A while ago Lisa Scotti who is one of the Charm City Roller girls came into Detail Gallery and fell in love with Mirabelle and vise versa. Well we love a fun roller match and so does Miss Mirabelle. So in honor of the girls Mirabelle donned her own skates and cheered them on. Stop out to see one of their matches and YEAH Roller Girls. Oh by the way…Ms. Scotti christened Miss Mirabelle with her own roller girl name….Bella D’ Brawl….thanks Roller girl!charm city roller girls

Is it an optical illusion in Baltimore ?

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No , as much as we would like to think Mirabelle has developed more super powers than she already has. This is actually an outing at Fort McHenry in Baltimore. Mirabelle and her cousins and sister like to be as  patriotic as the next dog. A grand time was had by all in Baltimore. Thanks cousins for coming and visiting us in our new city of Baltimore.